Power to the Profession

Power to the Profession is a national collaboration that defines the early childhood education profession. It has established a Unifying Framework of recommendations on educator roles and responsibilities, aligned preparation and pathways, profession compensation, and a supportive infrastructure with shared accountability.

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Releasing the Unifying Framework

View the recording of the Power to the Profession Task Force event to share the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession. Celebrate our shared commitment, learn more about the recommendations, and discuss the next steps for making our vision a reality.

Check out our Watch Party Tips for ideas and steps you can take to continue our collective engagement.

Consensus draft: Decision Cycle 7+8

The Power to the Profession Task Force is excited to share with you the final draft of Decision Cycle 7+8, also available in Spanish.  This document, which includes the results of public comment and engagement with the field, outlines recommendations related to a supportive infrastructure and shared accountability for the early childhood education profession.

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Educadores hispanohablantes:

Sus experiencias, perspectivas y opiniones son necesarias para avanzar esta iniciativa. Por favor, tome un momento para explorar nuestra página en español sobre Power to the Profession. Lea los documentos, compártalos con sus colegas, y luego mándenos sus relecciones vía correo electrónico a [email protected].

Read the Project Summary

Summary in English

One page overview of Power to the Profession.

Resumen en Español

Lea un resumen de Revalorizar la Profesión.